About Me

Hey! My name is George and I currently live in the sunny south west of England. I’ve spent much of my life enjoying the outdoors, travelling across Britain and some small pockets of the wider world. I work as a filmmaker and photographer for my studio Featherweight Films where I make outdoor-based documentaries, adverts and photographs.

Think of this blog as a mixture between a sketchpad and a diary. Some of the posts will be about adventures I have been on, giving you advice on how to do similar trips. Some other posts will be things like interviews with adventurers and athletes, informative posts with advice on all sorts of outdoor things and reviews of things like gear and films. And some posts will be completely different. As I start out the posts will be quite broad in type which means hopefully you’ll be able to find something worth reading here.

If you’d like to get in touch to say hi or to work with me just shoot me an email at hello@featherweightfilms.co.uk

Head over here to look at my films and photographs on my other site. Or hit this button to point your eyeholes at my Instagram.

Go chase the gnar, bro