Backpacking 101

Just starting out in the backpacking world? These posts are all about building knowledge and learning from my many mistakes. There’s no real system or order in which to read them so just go for it! All of these posts have been written by me. They’re designed to help you find your feet in a world that might be a bit alien to you but hopefully, even if you’re a seasoned trail monkey, you might find something useful. You don’t have to read them in any specific order but the list below are sorted from most basic to most advanced. Happy trails!

  • Don’t Be an Idiot
  • Sleep Where You Can – bivvy bagging is the future
  • Go Solo – sometimes it’s better to do it on your own
  • Cut Weight without Spending Hundreds – pretty self-explanatory that
  • First Aid Kit: Carry It and Know It – this much should be obvious