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Don’t Be an Idiot

There is nothing impressive about being needlessly dangerous in the outdoors. Nothing at all. Being outdoors does have it’s risks and, as outdoorspeople, we accept them and try to limit them. But doing something stupid is just that, it’s fucking stupid. It’s likely that everyone has a story of something stupid that they did in the outdoors, something they’ll shrug off as ‘funny’ instead of stupid. Continue reading

Sleep Where You Can

Beds are comfortable. You can get beds with lumbar support, really big beds, dense warm duvets. You can cover your bed in a goose down quilt, use blankets, you can get pillows that are pretty much clouds wrapped in material. But why sleep there when you can sleep in a sleeping bag, in a shack with a fire slowly going out beside you? Or under a fallen tree on a beach when you’re not quite sure where the high tide mark is? Or inside a glorified body bag, vomitting over yourself from altitude sickness as the wind chill forces the temperature below freezing?

Continue reading

5 tips to save for an adventure

So you want to go on an adventure. It could be big or small, you just know that you want to hit the road and do something sick. But for most of us, adventures cost money, usually money that we don’t quite have. You may be asking yourself, ‘how can I fund my adventure without sponsorship or x, y and z?‘┬áHere you’ll find some tips on easy ways to start putting money aside for that trip you want to go on. Continue reading